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Preventative Dentistry FAQ’s

Preventative Dentistry FAQ’s

Many dental patients don’t reach out to their dentist until they are experiencing tooth pain, and they are in need of an emergency dentist in Parker, CO. The truth is that many of these painful emergency situations can be addressed in the very early stages with the benefits of preventative dental care.

Dr. Green, the best dentist in Parker, CO, answers some of the most common questions surrounding preventative dentistry so that you can understand its benefits. 

What is Preventative Dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is the services and treatments that ensure good oral and overall health. The goal is to keep your teeth and gums healthy while promoting an understanding of good dental care.

Can I Prevent Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease can have a significant, negative effect on your whole body health if it is left unchecked. Some serious health concerns have been linked to gum disease, including heart attack, complications from diabetes, stroke, and even respiratory concerns. In addition, periodontal disease is the number one reason that teeth are lost. The good news is that gum disease is entirely treatable and even preventable. 

Sticking with your dental checkups and routine cleanings are an important part of preventing periodontal disease.

Can I Avoid Wearing Down My Teeth?

It is completely normal for teeth to wear down as we age, says Dr. David Moghadam, Easton PA dentist. The wear and tear on your teeth can be accelerated by concerns that include teeth grinding or an uneven bite. The concern goes beyond the issues that tooth repair and cosmetic dentistry can address. Patients may develop accelerated decay concerns, experience neck pain, and even migraines. There are treatments that can help with bruxism and an uneven bite both. Mouthguards, braces, and other solutions may be the right choice to protect your teeth.

Can I Get Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer can go unrecognized for entirely too long, without early detection. It is important that we detect oral cancer early on. Early detection means early treatment and a better chance for a full recovery. Dr. Kristina Neda, a dentist in Georgetown, KY, says that most people don’t realize they have any underlying issue, so that’s why it’s important to stay on top of your routine oral cancer screenings. 

Is It Too Late to Get My Teeth Straightened?

The reality is that it’s never too late to seek out orthodontic options. Teeth can shift as we age, for any number of reasons. Getting your teeth straightened can restore your beautiful smile and protect against damage that can come from shifting teeth. Invisible aligners are often a great choice for patients of all ages.

What Kind of Fillings Can I Get?

For too many years, fillings were made using noticeable materials. Advancements in dental technology have led to the development of white fillings that can be adjusted perfectly so that they match the color of your natural teeth. Cosmetic dentistry solutions also mean that options like veneers are a possibility to ensure your smile is beautifully restored.

What Do I Do If I Have Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain is often the result of a tooth infection. Being seen by the best dentist in Parker CO will allow the dentist to treat the infection and get you out of pain. Ignoring pain is not advised, as the pain will not resolve on its own. Call to make an appointment.

Do you have more questions? Are you wondering, “who is the best dentist near me?” At Green Dental Care, we offer a focus on good oral health and on the education of our patients. Call to make an appointment.

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