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Top 5 Thanksgiving Dental Tips

Top 5 Thanksgiving Dental Tips to Remember this Year

Outside of spending time with family and friends, the best part of the holidays is all of that delicious food that we get to indulge in. These hearty, delicious foods can impact the way our jeans fit and take a toll on our oral health. As your favorite Parker, CO dentist, we’ve gathered some dental tips to remember this Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Dental Tip: Mindful Snacking

With plates of sweets and dips and so much more set out, it will be hard to avoid snacking throughout the day. You don’t necessarily need to skip all of the snacking, especially if it’s your favorite Thanksgiving dip! Just be mindful of what you’re eating and how it may impact your teeth. Nuts are a source of so much good nutrition, but they can also potentially crack your tooth if you are not careful.

Be mindful, snack wisely.

Thanksgiving Dental Tip: Watch What you drink

Certainly, that one glass of wine isn’t going to harm your teeth that much. The problem comes from multiple alcohols and sugar-filled drinks that will result in sugar sitting on your teeth until much later in the day. There’s no need to avoid your favorite beverages. However, Dr. Green says to remember to drink plenty of fresh water between other sugar-filled drinks. Water serves the purposes of helping to rinse your mouth and rinse out some of that sugar from your teeth.

Thanksgiving Dental Tip: Floss When You Can

It may seem like a strange thing to do on a day where you’re meant to be focused on spending quality time with loved ones, but consider flossing or even brushing periodically throughout the day. This will not only help to remove food debris from between your teeth but will also give you that minty fresh breath you’ll want when having great conversations with your loved ones. So, drink plenty of water! Dr. Beth Herko, a family dentist in New Providence, NJ, recommends sugar-free gum in-between snacks and meals.

Thanksgiving Dental Tip: Load up on the Vegetables

As the best dentist in Parker, CO, we won’t tell you to avoid that sweet potato casserole and mom’s apple pie. But we will strongly encourage you to load up on the carrots, green beans, and other vegetables that are filled with fiber and the nutrients. These vegetables also tend to be lower in sugar, which is a great thing for your teeth. 

Anything hard can be a hazard for your teeth, so be sure to take it slow. We would be just as bummed if you called us with a cracked tooth on Thanksgiving! Those sticky sides with sugar and syrup are all traditional and delicious, but they can truly prove hazardous for your dental wellness.

Schedule an End of Year Checkup

If it has been longer than six months since your last checkup or professional dental cleaning with your Parker CO dentist, call to make your appointment. Not only does this allow you to use up your remaining dental insurance benefits, but it will give Dr. Green that opportunity to address any issues that may have cropped up since your last checkup.

Schedule your routine checkup or professional cleaning with Green Dental Care today! We also offer dental savings plan options for residents in Parker, CO.

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