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Broken Dental Crown Guide 

Broken Dental Crown Guide 

Chipped your dental crown? Don’t worry, it’s a simple fix. When you chip or break your dental crown, you can always call your emergency dentist in Parker, CO, Dr. Chris Green. Our team will help fix your crown and get you smiling again. But you’re probably wondering what to do until then. Below, Dr. Green shares his broken dental crown guide. We share what to do when your dental crown breaks, how soon you should have it fixed, and how it can impact your dental health in the long run. 

What Are Dental Crowns? 

You can think of a dental crown as a “cap” that is placed to restore the size, strength, and appearance of your overall tooth. When you have a tooth that is severely decayed or has a fracture, the dental crown properly restores the functionality. Furthermore, if you have a cavity, a crown can protect the tooth from future problems. Dental crowns Parker CO are made of various materials. Dr. Green usually recommends ceramic crowns for a natural look and feel. 

  • Ceramic: Often used because of their natural color to restore the front teeth. Ceramic crowns are made of a material based on porcelain.
  • Resin: The least durable option is resin, most often used for a temporary crown. Due to its tendency to fracture, the resin may have a short lifetime.
  • Fused porcelain with metal: This option is stronger than regular porcelain because it is fused with a metal structure; it is very durable.
  • Base metal alloys: Non-noble metals that are corrosion-resistant can be made from very durable crowns.
  • Gold alloys: gold is strongly bonded to the tooth and is unlikely to break; these crowns consist of a mixture of gold, copper, and other metals.

Dr. Sean O’Grady, Denver Highlands Dentist, agrees that most dental crowns should last between five and fifteen years.

If Your Crown Breaks, What Should You Do?

The first thing you should do if your crown has been chipped or cracked is to call your Parker, CO dentist, for advice. Your dentist can determine how soon you need to be seen based on your description of the incident. You may require an emergency visit from a dentist. Your dentist will tell you whether you should come immediately to come into the office for a dental emergency appointment or schedule the next appointment available. Generally speaking, waiting a day or two for tooth repair is safe. Unless you are experiencing excruciating pain. Regardless of when you will see Dr. Green, you should try the following tips:

  • As soon as you know that you have a chipped dental crown, the affected area should be examined immediately. If it’s loose, you should talk to your dentist to determine what to do as soon as possible. It is generally not advisable to pull it off, but when there is a chance of accidentally swallowing the crown, this may be necessary for some instances.
  • If the underlying tooth pulp has been affected, you might experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods. Be sure to let your dentist mention this.
  • If a broken crown or tooth is bleeding, you can apply a piece of gauze to the damaged tooth.
  • Rinsing your mouth with warm salty water is a great practice, as this will calm any inflammatory processes, says Dr. Ben Kacos, an emergency dentist in Shreveport, LA.

Is it Possible to Repair a Chipped Dental Crown?

The answer is yes, but with certain constraints. Often, people chip crowns made from porcelain. While porcelain crowns, bridges, and veneers are produced using a variety of methods, each requires heating the porcelain to very high temperatures. Ultimately, repairing a chipped dental crown is doable. 

When a dental crown repair is needed, a composite material can be bonded to the porcelain. This is usually a quick and easy process. The same material used in fillings and bonding is a composite. If you fit certain criteria, we will repair your dental crown. However, if your dental crown is beyond repair, we will have to replace it with a new crown. 

Contact Parker, CO Dentist for Emergency Dental Services

Never wait to see a professional when you’re experiencing something like a broken or chipped crown. The sooner you talk to your dentist in Parker, CO, the better it’ll be for your oral health. Green Dental Care provides chipped dental crown repair services for patients in Parker, CO. Contact our 80134 dental office and our team will get you in to see the dentist ASAP. 

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