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Dr. Chris Green Named Top 40 Dentists Under 40

Dr. Chris Green - Dentist in ParkerIncisal Edge Lists Dr. Chris Green Among the Industry’s Top 40 Under 40

During this year’s Next Gen Summit organized by Incisal Edge, the leading dentistry industry lifestyle magazine, Dr. Christopher Green was honored among the best dentists under 40-years throughout the United States. The summit in Manhattan, NY.

The summit featured Forbes’ Chief Content Officer, Randall Lane, as a keynote speaker to crown a successful event that also had a two-day photo session of the who’s who in the dental industry. The photos taken by renowned photographer Matt Furman was the centerpiece for the Incisal Edge magazine which will be out in the fall.

The event started with the most influential young dentists treated to a rare red carpet event hosted by the staff of Incisal Edge magazine and Joseph DeAcetis, a famous style director. This red carpet treatment was taken full advantage of by Matt Furman, the celebrity photographer of the day who captured the images that formed the portfolio.

While the red carpet session was all glitz and glamor, they also took time off to give back to the community in a charity event aptly called a “Day of Smiles Giveback.” New York City dwellers had an entire day of free dental care provided by the top industry experts across the country. You can bet that Dr. Chris Green was in the thick of things, doing what he does best.

A panel discuessed the various developments in the industry, such as the new diagnostic technologies, which have been brought to the market to address some of the challenges that practitioners have been facing.

The dentistry fraternity responded warmly to this event, and the attendance was massive, showing how much influence Incisal Edge magazine has garnered in the industry. It also helped that all attendees earned four CE (Continuing Education) credits.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the summit, Chuck Cohen, the founder of Incisal Edge magazine, remarked that the magazine was happy to play its part in driving the world of dentistry forward by recognizing and bringing together the brightest stars of the industry and celebrating what they are contributing to the industry as a whole.

Dr. Chris Green - Dentist in Parker COThe annual “40 Under 40” edition of Incisal Edge was published after an independent panel vet the nominees suggested by industry experts from around the country. This year’s list features 28 men, and 18 women picked from a total of 23 states across the U.S.

IncisalEdge, whose guiding catchwords are “Knowledge, Success, Life” was published by Benco Dental, the largest privately-owned dental equipment and supplies distributor in the U.S. The company has been growing since 1930. By recognizing dentists like Dr. Chris Green, Benco Dental is indeed doing everything it can to “deliver success, smile after smile” as their motto states.

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