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Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium “screw-like” post that is surgically placed in the jaw bone.  Following the surgical placement of the dental implant, we want the implant to properly heal and stabilize in the bone before putting the implant abutment and crown on.  Often times when teeth are not replaced other teeth in the mouth will become loose, sore, and shift.  These types of problems can lead to jaw pain, gum disease, chewing problems, and many other dental issues. It is always a good idea to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible.


Thank you, Jake, for the wonderful review! It was a pleasure doing your dental implant work.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Are you missing teeth? Are your teeth moving and shifting? Do you have trouble chewing? Do you hate your complete denture or removable partial denture? Did you have a tooth extraction and now would like to replace a missing tooth? If you answered yes to any of the above questions you are likely a candidate for a dental implant or dental implants to make your mouth whole again or stabilize your denture.  Dental implants have become the gold standard amongst tooth replacement options.  Over the years dental implants have become a very predictable and successful treatment modality for the replacement of missing teeth.

All on 4 aka “Teeth in a Day”

If you have dentures or know that you need dentures, but do not want them to become loose and fall out, we offer dental implant procedures to secure or “bolt on” your denture so that it does not come in or out. This type of procedure is the best dentistry has to offer to help patients that have lost their teeth feel like they have natural teeth again. Patients with non-moveable dentures secured with dental implants experience much more confidence smiling and are able to eat significantly better than denture patients without implant support.

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Cone Beam Technology

Computer Guided implant surgery has led to increased implant placement accuracy, decreased healing time, shorter procedure time, more predictable implant placement. Dr. Green offers dental implant surgery and has taken courses with the following notable leaders in dental implant education: Blue Sky Bio Academy, Dental Implant Seminars, Nobel Biocare, Zimmer Institute.

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