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    Your Home For Family Dental Care
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Green Dental Care is always accepting new patients. Become a new patient today to find out why patients say their experience with us is personal and relaxed.

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Call now… we know how serious your dental emergency is. Our goal is to solve YOUR dental emergency in a timely manner. New patients welcome!

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Many people are self-conscious of their smile. Whether you are missing teeth, have crooked teeth, or are seeking whiter teeth, we have solutions that will make you excited to smile again.

You have dental fear or anxiety

Dr. Green is one of the few local dentists certified in providing safe dental sedation options. Our office welcomes the opportunity to put patients at ease and change their feelings towards dental anxiety.

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What patients say about Green Dental Care

Our patients recognize and trust our long-standing tradition of personalized general dental care. See our testimonials for more.

  • Dr. Green and his team were amazing today. I was super scared about having my tooth extracted today but felt they were so comforting, walked me through the procedure and assured me it would go well and it did. Amber helped Dr. Green and she was so down to earth and her professionalism can't be matched. I have more work that needs to be done and feel completely comfortable that I made this choice to see Dr. Green and staff. If you are thinking about putting your dental work in good hands, you found it here!!

  • Now it has been 6 months since my root canal and Dr. Green has done a great job. Dr. Green and his staff were very friendly and explain properly what they were going to do before the procedure. Good things and is very convenient is that they open on Saturday as well.

  • One of my best decision to go there. I have a long list- including root canal that needed on my teeth. It has been long time I have not been to dentist. I have read that some people have had worst experience doing root canal so I wanted to do from a professional, Dr.Green, Glad I was in good hands of Dr. Green.

  • I am so satisfied with the service and glad how my teeth turn into. I move from West Virginia and I was too afraid to go to a dentist. I did my research and found Dr. Green and couldn't be happier.

  • I am new to the area and needed a new dentist that was open outside of the typical 8-5 work day. I chose Dr Green because of the hours, positive Yelp reviews, and proximity to my house. I was scheduled with Dr. Green who was very nice and did a great job for my regular cleaning. The receptionist and nurses were also nice and did a good job. Unfortunately during my cleaning I had two cavities that I got filled. However, one of the cavities was bothering me still a few days later. I had to go back and get the filling shaved down slightly. Was happy they were able to get me in again quickly and didn't charge for the follow up appointment. Highly recommend Dr. Green!

  • Let me start by saying I am terrified of the dentist so much so I haven't gone in 10+ years. This was the first dentist I've seen since I was a teen. The staff was very understanding and courteous to my fears. I had to have a root canal and was very afraid of numbing agents being ineffective as they had been in the past. Dr. Green listened to my fears took time with me to make sure I was comfortable and made sure I felt no pain during the procedure. His assistants were great as well, very friendly and attentive. I totally recommend this team if like me you're more terrified of the dentist than a surgeon.