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Sedation Dentistry

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Does the thought of the dentist make you nervous?

At Green Dental Care, we understand that not everyone enjoys going to the dentist. It can be a difficult experience, particularly if you have dental anxiety, or are having a procedure like a root canal. Dr. Christopher Green is dedicated to the comfort of all of his patients, which is why we offer sedation dentistry at our practice, serving Parker, Franktown, and Elizabeth. Any patient who is healthy, and does not have any medical issues that may contraindicate sedation can be sedated at Green Dental Care. 


Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety affects many people, and sedation can help reduce your consciousness level, making you feel more comfortable and safe at the dentist. It also helps with those with a sensitive gag reflex.

Patient Comfort

If you have difficulties sitting still for a long period of time or are having multiple complex procedures performed, sedation can help keep you comfortable through treatment.

Low Pain Threshold

Sedation dentistry is helpful if you are extremely sensitive to the vibration and sensation of dental drills, or know that you have a very low pain tolerance.

Feeling uneasy about your next dental visit? Contact our dental office in Parker, Colorado today to learn about sedation dentistry.

What Kinds Of Sedation Are Available At Green Dental Care?

The most common type of sedation is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. It’s delivered using a mask, and it provides patients with a feeling of giddiness and euphoria, with minimal side effects. It wears off after about 5 minutes, and does not affect your ability to drive, so this is typically the best choice for many folks with dental anxiety.

Oral sedation is also available. This pill-based form of sedation is prescribed to you by Dr. Green, and taken one hour before you go to sleep the night before your procedure. Usually, you’ll be given a drug like Valium or Halcion.

These drugs reduce your level of consciousness, to such an extent that you may even fall asleep during your procedure. The primary drawback of this is that you cannot drive after your procedure.

Other forms of sedation offered by Green Dental Care include IV sedation and general anesthesia, but these are usually only required for extremely complex dental surgeries.

Interested In Sedation At The Dentist? Contact Green Dental Care Right Away!

At our practice, Dr. Christopher Green always places the comfort of his patients above all else. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry services. We want you to feel safe, and to have peace of mind at the dentist.

If you want to learn more about sedation dentistry and your options at Green Dental Care, please contact us right away at 720-845-5252 for an appointment. We’d also be happy to talk to you in person. You can come to our office at 19551 Hess Road, Suite 100, Parker, CO 80134.

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Pre & Post-Op Sedation

Things To Do/Remember the Day Before Your Appointment

No smoking – This affects the level of sedation during your treatment, and can negatively affect your comfort level during the appointment.

No alcohol – The dentist cannot safely sedate you if you have had alcohol, narcotics pain medicines (including Vicodin/Hydrocodone) or any street or recreational drugs.

No caffeine

Take the sedative medication as instructed by the dentist one hour before you go to bed the night before.

Take no additional medications (e.g. OTC pain medications and antacids, herbal or nutritional supplements) unless discussing these medications with the dentist*

Nothing to eat after midnight (or 8 hours before procedure), it is Ok to take your medication with some water on the morning of the appointment* – Unless otherwise instructed by the dentist – if your appointment is in the afternoon and you eat the day of please eat a light meal (Note: diabetics eat and take med’s as normal)

No chance of pregnancy

The Morning of Your Appointment

NO food or water (except with medication) SIX HOURS prior to your appointment

No sensitivities to Benzodiazepines 

Please leave jewelry and watches at home

No contact lenses

Wear short sleeves and comfortable clothing

Wear comfortable shoes/socks

You will be scheduled to arrive 1 hour prior to starting treatment for the administration of the sedation medication

It is absolutely essential that you have your escort drive you to your appointment.  We will not be able to proceed with your appointment if you drive yourself, and this will result in forfeiting your pre-paid fee for the appointment. The person driving patient must be able to stay with patient until sedation wears off. (possibly 2-4 hours after arriving home)

  1. Do not drive a motor vehicle for 24 hours after sedation.
  2. Do not operate any hazardous devices/machinery for 24 hours after sedation.
  3. A responsible adult person should be present until you have fully recovered from the effects of the sedation.
  4. You should not go up and down stairs unattended. Whenever possible, stay on the first floor until recovered.
  5. You should resume normal eating and drinking after the sedation appointment, unless otherwise instructed by the dentist.
  6. Drink plenty of water post-operatively to prevent dehydration and to prevent the “hangover” of sedation medications.
  7. After leaving the dental office, you should not be left unattended. You might feel normal and recovered, but the effects of the medication can last for several hours after the appointment has ended. Do not make important decisions for the remainder of the day following your sedation appointment.
  8. Always hold someone’s arm when walking as you may have problems with balance while under the effects of the sedative medications.
  9. Call the office if you have any questions or concerns. If you feel that your symptoms warrant a physician and you are unable to reach us, go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Following most surgical procedures there may or may not be pain. You will be provided with medication for discomfort that is appropriate for you. In most cases, a non-narcotic pain regimen is recommended consisting of acetaminophen (Tylenol®) and ibuprofen (Advil®). These two medications taken together can be as effective as a narcotic without any of the side effects. If a narcotic has been prescribed, follow the directions carefully. If you have any questions about these medications interacting with other medications you are presently taking, please call our office (720-845-5252), your physician and/or your pharmacist.

"My hygienist is the best I have ever had, no kidding! Very gentle, quick, and super effective. The whole staff is super friendly, Dr. Green answers all questions and makes me feel very comfortable and confident of his assessment and suggestions."
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