Dental Emergency

At Green Dental Care, we know that dental emergencies can be stressful and painful. When unexpected issues arise, our team is here to help with compassionate care. We are dedicated to providing quality dental services for patients in Parker, and that’s why we offer same-day appointments if you are in pain or suffering from an injury. Whether you have insurance or not, the team at Green Dental Care can help! Call us now at (720) 845-5252, or visit our office for efficient care.


What Is a Dental Emergency?

If your mouth, gums, or teeth are in pain and you cannot treat it on your own, this is a dental emergency. This can include a tooth that has been knocked out in an accident, a severe toothache, excessive bleeding, or past dental work that has become loose or fallen out. If you are in pain, give us a call today and our compassionate team will restore your smile and get you back to optimal dental health!


What to Do in a Dental Emergency

During a dental emergency, the most important thing to do is remain calm and see a dentist right away. At Green Dental Care, Dr. Green combines compassion and skill to deliver quality dental care when you’re experiencing an emergency. Here’s a few things to keep in mind while you wait for your same-day appointment:


  • If your tooth has been knocked out, keep it in your mouth between you cheek and gums to keep it moist
  • Relieve pain until your appointment by using a cold compress
  • Avoid taking aspirin or ibuprofen for a dental emergency because they can cause excessive bleeding 

Call Us Now for a Same-Day Appointment

If you’re in pain, you shouldn’t have to wait to see a dentist. Call Green Dental Care at (720) 845-5252 for a same-day appointment. We do our best to schedule your visit right away, and our skilled, friendly team will take care of all of your needs when you arrive at our office. We are conveniently located at 19551 Hess Road, Suite 100, Parker, Colorado 80134.