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A dental crown or cap is a routine dental treatment that protects teeth that may be weakened from a large filling or root canal.

The goal of a crown is to protect a tooth from a fracture. Often times a tooth with a very large filling is one step away from turning into a dental emergency.

New materials that dental crowns are made of (such as E-max or Zirconia) are white, tooth color materials that are very natural in appearance and restore the enamel of the tooth. New materials do not result in a black line around your crown.

The crown procedure is predictable and efficient and can add longevity to a tooth that is susceptible to irreparable damage.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a tried and true technique for permanently replacing a lost tooth. A bridge most often occupies a 3 tooth span (although it can be longer depending on the situation) and the two teeth on either side of a missing tooth hold a permanently cemented fake tooth, called a pontic, in place.

A bridge can be thought of as a series of 3 crowns. A bridge is nicer than a partial denture because it does not come in and out of the mouth and it feels natural. Chewing with a bridge is very easy, as though you aren’t missing a tooth at all.

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