Tooth Extraction & Oral Surgery in Parker

In certain situations when no treatment can be done to save a broken or infected tooth the extraction of a tooth is the treatment of choice.  Reasons a tooth may need to be extracted included:  severe gum infection, severe nerve infection, tooth abscess, tooth fracture down to the jaw bone, loose tooth due to gum disease, trauma, deep decay.

It is not normal for adult permanent teeth to be loose or painful.  If you find you have a loose tooth call your dentist.  A loose tooth could be the sign that there is a more serious issue going on.

I think I need my wisdom teeth extracted

Signs that you need your wisdom tooth extracted: puffy, red and swollen gums in the back of your mouth over your wisdom tooth, pain in your jaw, throbbing pain from the back of your mouth.

At what age should I get my wisdom teeth taken out?

The right age to take out wisdom teeth is patient dependent, everyone develops at a different rate, however, in general 16 years old is the earliest age for routine wisdom teeth extractions and as a rule of thumb ideally asymptomatic wisdom teeth should be extracted by your mid twenties unless informed otherwise by your dentist.

Wisdom teeth that are malpositioned frequently cause periodontal or gum issues.

They can also trap food, plaque and bacteria that may lead to cavities in adjacent teeth.  To prevent the complications caused by retained wisdom teeth it is a good idea to have them removed when your dentist advises you to do so.

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