Virtual Consultation


If you are here that’s a good sign. Taking just a few short moments to complete our Virtual Consultation might change your life! Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability. You will receive a personal video reply from the doctor within 48 hours. You will learn about realistic treatment and financial options to get the smile you deserve now.

    What kind of virtual consultation do you want to receive?


    I am missing 1-2 teethI am missing 3+ teethI have dentures alreadyUnsure

    Hard to chewEmbarrassed to smilePainful/loose teethDentures don't fitOther

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    I have crooked teethI have wide gaps between my teethMy teeth are short or worn downMy teeth are dark, chipped, or mismatched

    I am embarrassed to smileMy smile is having a negative impact on my relationshipsMy smile is having a negative impact on my careerI just want to improve my appearance

    VeneersInvisalignSix Month BracesUnsure

    Contact Details


    I know what I want and am prepared to start within 30 days.I want to start in the next few months.I am just curious about my options. It’s not urgent for me.

    Final Step

    To give you realistic options for treatment we need to see your smile, including as many teeth as you can show.

    We realize some people are shy or embarrassed. Don’t be. There is no judgement here. No matter how bad you may think it is, we have seen worse.

    Take a selfie from your camera or send us a jpg, jpeg, or png file up to 4mb, see examples: