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Your Guide to Safe Sedation Dentistry

Your Guide to Safe Sedation Dentistry

In the United States alone, there are over 30 million people that start to sweat when they hear the word dentist. These fears can lead to patients who put off going to the dentist for a long time. Dental issues such as cavities, gum disease, broken teeth and other dental problems tend to snowball the longer we put them off.

But with Sedation Dentistry, you can get caught up on all the dental work you need, comfortably.

Dentistry Doesn’t Have To Be Torture

At Green Dental Care, Dr. Christopher Green has training in oral conscious dental sedation, which allows you to relax in an almost dream-like state where you often entirely forget your visit to the dentist’s office. With sedation, dental procedures are finished more quickly and typically allow the dentist to fix all of your teeth in one sitting without the need for additional visits.

Here’s How It Works

First, we perform a thorough review of your medical history during your dental examination and together we develop a plan to fix your teeth — one that fits your desires and budget. This appointment is easy and relaxed. We just want to get to know each other.

Second, we get you back for your sedation and dental treatment appointment. You won’t be able to drive the day you are sedated. So, we will ask that you have a friend or family member drive you to our office. Once at our office, we get you comfy with a blanket and movie — even a pillow if you want. Then we give you some medicine to take by mouth, a very safe sedative called a benzodiazepine. You can learn more about before and after sedation instructions here.

Once the medicine kicks in, you’ll feel relaxed and in the “dream state” that we mentioned, Dr. Green can get to work on giving you a healthy smile again.

Whether you have a low pain threshold, have had bad dental experiences in the past, know that you have years of dental work that you need to get done, or all of the above, dental sedation may be the best option for you to comfortably get all of the dental treatment you need.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Call us today at 720-845-5252 and mention this article to receive $200 off any dental sedation consultation or treatment at Green Dental Care!