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Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile

Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile Today

Are you unhappy with the way that your smile looks? As your go-to dentist in Parker, CO, we offer our patients several solutions to transform and improve their smile. Whether you’re looking for professional cleaning or solutions from a cosmetic dentist in Parker, CO, you’ll find that we can offer a treatment to meet your needs.

There are many ways that our cosmetic dentistry solutions, to improve your smile and keep you smiling.

Whitening Your Teeth

The color of our teeth can change with time. Whether as a result of the foods and drinks you enjoy or perhaps due to medication or smoking, once pearly white teeth can become yellow and otherwise discolored.

Discoloration can take a toll on your levels of confidence, and keep you from smiling widely. We offer tooth whitening solutions to help turn back time. Teeth can be whitened in the office, or there are take-home kits that can help you achieve results in the comfort of your home.

Straighten Teeth with Invisalign

Misaligned teeth can take just as much of a toll on your confidence levels as other concerns can. The Invisalign aligner tray system can help you to achieve straighter teeth without the very visible solution that is traditional braces. Invisalign is made up of clear aligner trays that are almost invisible when in place. They can help to straighten your teeth and give you a beautiful smile that you are proud of.

Restoring Smiles with Dental Implants

Are you missing one or more teeth? A dental implant can be used to replace the missing tooth. The implant is a titanium post that is surgically implanted into the gum. Once the bone in the jaw has fused with the titanium post, a crown will be placed upon the implant. Dr. Ben Kacos, a cosmetic dentist offering dental implants in Shreveport, LA, says that dental implants are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around. The result will be a perfectly restored smile that you are proud of. 

Dental Crowns, to Restore and Perfect Your Smile

Dental crowns can offer the protection and strength that potentially weak teeth need. They can also enhance the way that a tooth looks. Once the crown is placed over the tooth, there is much less opportunity for the natural tooth to be damaged further.

Also, covering up the damaged tooth can restore your smile to the brilliant one that you may have otherwise been hiding. 

Dental Veneers, an Instant Transformation

Dental veneers are very thin shells that are placed over the teeth to alter the look of the teeth. They can disguise chips, cracks, and discoloration on teeth, in an instant. The process of getting veneers is not overly complex, nor is it an invasive procedure.

Patients that come to our dental office are often quite surprised at how easy it is to prepare their teeth for veneers. In just two visits to the office, you can completely transform and improve upon your smile.

Veneers can be used on just one or two teeth that may be discolored or chipped. Or they can be used to complete a whole smile transformation. Dr. Beth Herko, a cosmetic dentist in New Providence, NJ, adds that dental veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry solutions because the transformations are astonishing. 

Cosmetic dentistry won’t just improve the way that your smile looks, it will help to boost your confidence. So, let’s get you smiling again, contact Green Dental Care to schedule your cosmetic consultation.

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benefits of invisalign - Green Dental Care

Benefits of Invisalign

Benefits of Invisalign Aligners

Are you unhappy with the alignment of your teeth? Not only can misaligned teeth impact your smile and the pride you take in your smile, but it can prove challenging to effectively clean between crooked teeth. This can, in time, lead to decay and even periodontal disease.

You may ultimately find yourself facing bone regression and the potential for tooth loss.

As your dentist in Parker CO, you can rely on us to find the right solution to protect your smile. Braces can correct misaligned teeth. Traditional braces are not always the right solution for every patient. They can be unsightly, uncomfortable, and lead to some discomfort.

Invisalign aligners are a great alternative to traditional braces. Do you know the benefits of Invisalign? 

Aesthetics Benefits

When it comes to getting Invisalign in Parker, CO  patients may be concerned about the way that they will look during treatment. The best benefit of Invisalign is that the aligner trays are practically invisible when they are in place.

Invisalign is ideal for adult patients who do not want to bring any additional attention to their smiles. Invisible aligner trays can allow you to get the benefits of traditional braces, with the added benefits of discretion.

Comfort Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign aligner trays can be removed when you need to remove them. You must keep your aligner trays in place for as many hours as possible. However, they can be removed when it’s time to eat or drink, or perhaps to brush your teeth.

Traditional braces cannot be removed until your dentist removes them. Dr. Kristina Neda, a dentist who provides Invisalign in Georgetown, KY, says that traditional braces can be harder to clean your teeth when you’re wearing traditional braces.

Being able to enjoy your favorite meals in comfort is a huge benefit to Invisalign. Keeping your teeth brushed and flossed can also help to stave off decay.

The Safety Benefits of Invisalign

Traditional metal braces have been used for countless years, and they are very effective at correcting misalignments. When visiting our dental office, Parker, CO patients do often complain that they feel discomfort from their braces. The wire and other protruding pieces of metal can irritate and even puncture the insides of the mouth. The clear Invisalign aligner trays are soft, smooth, and comfortable when worn.

Another safety benefit is that Invisalign braces will reduce the damage that traditional braces can bring with them as they apply force to the teeth while straightening them. The ability to continue to brush and floss can also reduce the potential for cavities and gum disease.

Treatment Duration for Invisalign

Orthodontic treatment can take some time in order to achieve the results that patients are looking for. When it comes to Invisalign in Parker, CO patients are happy to learn that this clear aligner solution can get results in much less time.

For example, traditional metal braces could take up to 5 years of wear to achieve the results. The Invisalign system can take as little as a year and achieve results in less than two years. 

No Unexpected Surprises 

The Invisalign system allows patients to preview their final results, so there are no unexpected or unpleasant surprises with this orthodontic solution. Patients will know what to expect during treatment and will know just how long they will need to wear their braces. Metal braces, while effective in their own right, can be a bit of trial and error to get to the final results.

Whether you’re looking for a checkup or a cosmetic dentist in Parker, CO, you can turn to Green Dental Care. Our experienced staff is happy to help you and your family. 

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-Colored Fillings

At some point, most of us are going to require tooth repair or a filling. White fillings, or composite fillings, are made with a resin that can be adjusted so that you get the perfect shade made to the color of your natural tooth. This allows patients to get a restored natural appearance and a restored smile. Composite fillings can be used anywhere in the mouth, but are most often used on front teeth. This is due to their ability to offer you that natural restoration looks, and because of their ability to stand up to the forces of chewing.

Composite fillings are made using plastic resin and powdered glass. These materials can be used to repair teeth, but they can also be used for dental crowns and inlays. They are also used in cosmetic dentistry, with veneers.

Are Tooth-Colored Fillings Right for Me?

If you are in need of a small to medium-sized tooth filling, and you’re interested in maintaining the natural appearance of your teeth, composite fillings may be the right choice for you. Those who have allergies to metals may also consider the composite filling, as they do not contain metal.

 During your appointment with the best dentist in Parker CO, you’ll be offered the solutions that will best meet your needs, and that will best restore your beautiful smile.

Are There Differences Between Amalgam Fillings and Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Amalgam fillings have, for many years, been the go-to solution for filling teeth. They are made using various metal types. They are durable, long-lasting, and can be the more affordable choice. However, they are not ideal for those who are allergy-prone, and those who are not interested in the metal appearance that they bring with them.

Composite or tooth-colored fillings are made using plastic resin and powdered glass. They offer the ability to blend in with the existing structure of the tooth. They can be used freely on those who are prone to allergies. They can be a costlier option over amalgam fillings, and they do take a bit more time to place. However, they are considered to be the better option for several patients, particularly if tooth infection has meant removing a significant portion of the natural tooth.

What Should Be Expected When Getting Tooth-Colored Fillings?

During the procedure, you will be numbed to ensure your comfort at all times. The next step, once you are numb, is to remove the signs of decay from the tooth. The cavity will need to be rid of all signs of bacteria. The composite resin will then be placed onto the tooth, in layers, to build up and restore the natural appearance of the tooth. Each layer will be hardened before the next layer.

Once each of the layers is in place, and hardened, the white filling can be shaped and buffed so that it blends in perfectly with the natural tooth.

How Long Will Tooth-Colored Fillings Last?

The average lifespan for tooth-colored fillings is considered to be five years, says Dr. Ben Kacos, a cosmetic dentist in Shreveport LA. They may last longer, however. Be sure to maintain great oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and keep up with your regular checkups and professional teeth cleanings.

Many insurance policies will cover tooth-colored fillings, particularly if the filling is going to be on the front teeth. Those that don’t may recommend amalgam fillings, which will mean paying out of pocket if you prefer composite fillings.

If you have tooth pain, reach out to us at Green Dental Care. We are an emergency dentist in Parker CO who can get you out of pain and get you smiling again.

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Causes of teeth grinding- Green dental care

Causes of Teeth Grinding

Causes of Teeth Grinding

Has your significant other accused you of grinding your teeth in your sleep? Bruxism, the name for teeth grinding, is a behavior that takes place when we’re sleeping. This means that many of us could be grinding our teeth in our sleep and not have any idea that we do.

Bruxism may sound harmless, but outside it irritating the person sleeping next to you. The truth is that bruxism can lead to significant damage to your teeth and result in a number of painful conditions beyond tooth pain. It may even lead to a tooth infection that requires being seen by an emergency dentist in Parker CO.

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

There are a number of factors that may be contributing to your bruxism. These could include anxiety, stress, sleep apnea, and even dehydration says Georgetown, KY dentist, Dr. Jordan Smith.

Sleep apnea is a serious sleeping disorder that can place patients at an increased risk for a number of serious and life-threatening conditions.

We all struggle with anxiety and stress at some point in our life. It is often recommended that you take steps to reduce your stress, or to engage in some activities that can promote stress reduction. Some types of medications may be suggested by your primary care physician, including those to help you get better rest or to address the anxiety that you are feeling.

If you tend to skip the water more often than not, this is a simple fix. Drinking more water could be one of the easiest solutions to making bruxism a thing of your past.

What Are Some Signs of Bruxism?

Grinding your teeth will result in wear to the enamel of your teeth. When this enamel has worn off, it will expose the softer dentin inside of the tooth. This can lead to the introduction of bacteria, tooth decay, and the need for tooth repair. 

Some of the symptoms of bruxism could include the following:

  • Tenderness in the muscles of your face
  • Headaches and earaches, ranging in severity.
  • Temporomandibular joint damage (TMJ)
  • Cracks and fractures in back teeth teeth
  • Sensitivity in teeth

Treating Bruxism

When you visit Green Dental Care, to meet with the best dentist in Parker CO, you’ll be able to get the right types of treatment to meet your needs. You may need to have some white fillings done, to repair tooth damage. Some cosmetic dentistry solutions may also be recommended.

There are a number of options for treating bruxism. The treatment that is best for you will depend on just how severe your case is. In addition to sleeping aids and other medications to help ease your anxiety and stress, it might be suggested that you skip caffeine and alcohol in the hours leading up to bedtime.

Additionally, a custom mouthguard can also be a good solution, as it will protect your teeth from the damage of grinding and the pressure of grinding.

So, the sooner that you reach out for help with your teeth grinding concerns, the sooner you will be able to get a solution to protect your teeth. Teeth grinding can lead to a number of concerns that are entirely preventable, including migraines and the potential loss of teeth as a result of decay.

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porcelain veneers procedure - Green Dental Care

Porcelain Veneers Procedure

Are you considering getting porcelain veneers? With advancements in cosmetic dentistry, today’s patients can expect an easy procedure that brings no discomfort. In just two visits to your Parker dentist office, you’ll be able to make your veneer dreams a reality with the best cosmetic dentist Parker, CO has to offer. The more you know about the process of getting veneers and the dental bonding process that is involved, the more confident that you will feel about your porcelain veneers procedure.

Veneer Basics

Dental veneers are very thin porcelain shells that are made to fit your teeth specifically. They can resolve several cosmetic concerns, including covering up gaps between teeth and disguising crooked teeth.

Veneers typically take two appointments at the office, with between one and two weeks apart. Patients can get veneers on just one tooth or on several teeth all at once.

The First Step: Preparing the Tooth

To ensure the right fit for your new veneers, your Parker CO dentist will have to examine your current smile. This will help to ensure that your overall bite is not altered.

As a part of preparing the tooth, your Parker, CO dentist, will examine any decay that needs to be addressed. Veneers cannot be bonded to teeth that require repair. Any cracks, cavities, or other damage to the tooth that could compromise it and allow decay in will need to be resolved. Some patients prefer to address any older fillings that are from metal and are very visible in the mouth. Replacing old metal fillings with white fillings not only helps with the aesthetics but can provide an opportunity to ensure the tooth is healthy. Veneers also tend to bond better to new composite fillings.

Getting the Right Shade of Veneers

If you are getting veneers on just a few of your teeth, you’ll find that the best cosmetic dentist Parker CO offers will use a shade guide to match your surrounding teeth. If you are getting an entire set of veneers, you’ll be able to select the white and bright shade that you best prefer.

Veneers are one of the best cosmetic dentistry options on the market, according to a cosmetic dentist in Shreveport, LA, Dr. Ben Kacos. Also, the shade of the veneer can be adjusted when it is time to bond it to the teeth.

Taking Impressions

Once the tooth or teeth have been prepared, it’s now time to take an impression of the teeth and surrounding teeth and gums. This will help to ensure that you get the best fit once the veneers are in place. It’ll also help to ensure that your bite is maintained.

The impression will be taken typically using a tray with dental putty in it. It’ll sit in place for just a few minutes until it has set. Then it’ll be carefully removed. It’s this impression that will be sent to the lab, where they will make your new porcelain veneers.

Deciding Whether to Place Temporary Veneers

The turnaround for veneers is typically two weeks. Depending on how much of the tooth structure has been removed, you may not need temporary veneers. Prepared teeth will look and feel a little different, but some patients find that it doesn’t bother them enough to want temporary veneers.

You may feel a little bit of an increase in sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks at first.

Bonding Your Veneers

When your new porcelain veneers have been completed, they’ll be ready to be bonded onto the tooth or teeth. This will, of course, require a repeated visit to Green Dental Care. Your Parker dentist would remove temporary veneers if you opted for them.

The veneers will be placed onto the teeth, to evaluate the fit and the shade. If some trimming is needed, your Parker dentist will be able to do that so that you get the perfect fit. If some adjustment to the shade of the veneers is needed, your Parker dentist will take care of it so that your result will be a perfectly uniform smile.

Once you and your Parker CO dentists are satisfied with the veneers, they will be bonded in place. Excess dental cement will be trimmed, and the cement will be cured, so it sets rapidly.

As the last step, your bite will be evaluated to confirm that the placement of your veneers hasn’t altered it. You are sure to love the immediate smile transformation offered by veneers.

As you can see, the porcelain veneers procedure is harmless! There’s nothing to worry about. So, are you ready to see how veneers can transform your smile? Contact Green Dental Care to schedule your consultation.


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