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Thanksgiving Dental Tips - Green Dental Care

Top 5 Thanksgiving Dental Tips

Top 5 Thanksgiving Dental Tips to Remember this Year

Outside of spending time with family and friends, the best part of the holidays is all of that delicious food that we get to indulge in. These hearty, delicious foods can impact the way our jeans fit and take a toll on our oral health. As your favorite Parker, CO dentist, we’ve gathered some dental tips to remember this Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Dental Tip: Mindful Snacking

With plates of sweets and dips and so much more set out, it will be hard to avoid snacking throughout the day. You don’t necessarily need to skip all of the snacking, especially if it’s your favorite Thanksgiving dip! Just be mindful of what you’re eating and how it may impact your teeth. Nuts are a source of so much good nutrition, but they can also potentially crack your tooth if you are not careful.

Be mindful, snack wisely.

Thanksgiving Dental Tip: Watch What you drink

Certainly, that one glass of wine isn’t going to harm your teeth that much. The problem comes from multiple alcohols and sugar-filled drinks that will result in sugar sitting on your teeth until much later in the day. There’s no need to avoid your favorite beverages. However, Dr. Green says to remember to drink plenty of fresh water between other sugar-filled drinks. Water serves the purposes of helping to rinse your mouth and rinse out some of that sugar from your teeth.

Thanksgiving Dental Tip: Floss When You Can

It may seem like a strange thing to do on a day where you’re meant to be focused on spending quality time with loved ones, but consider flossing or even brushing periodically throughout the day. This will not only help to remove food debris from between your teeth but will also give you that minty fresh breath you’ll want when having great conversations with your loved ones. So, drink plenty of water! Dr. Beth Herko, a family dentist in New Providence, NJ, recommends sugar-free gum in-between snacks and meals.

Thanksgiving Dental Tip: Load up on the Vegetables

As the best dentist in Parker, CO, we won’t tell you to avoid that sweet potato casserole and mom’s apple pie. But we will strongly encourage you to load up on the carrots, green beans, and other vegetables that are filled with fiber and the nutrients. These vegetables also tend to be lower in sugar, which is a great thing for your teeth. 

Anything hard can be a hazard for your teeth, so be sure to take it slow. We would be just as bummed if you called us with a cracked tooth on Thanksgiving! Those sticky sides with sugar and syrup are all traditional and delicious, but they can truly prove hazardous for your dental wellness.

Schedule an End of Year Checkup

If it has been longer than six months since your last checkup or professional dental cleaning with your Parker CO dentist, call to make your appointment. Not only does this allow you to use up your remaining dental insurance benefits, but it will give Dr. Green that opportunity to address any issues that may have cropped up since your last checkup.

Schedule your routine checkup or professional cleaning with Green Dental Care today! We also offer dental savings plan options for residents in Parker, CO.

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Overcoming your fear of the dentist - Green Dental Care

Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

Does thinking about the dentist frighten you? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Many people have a fear of the dentist. Due to that fear, many people are always hesitant about visiting their dentist even when they’re in excruciating pain.

From numerous studies, it has been noted that one out of ten adults is too scared to visit the dentist. These people would instead go through severe pains rather than visit Green Dental Care or any other dental office in Parker, CO. If this describes you, then take steps to overcome your dental anxiety. If you don’t, your oral health will pay for the consequences. By following these guidelines below, you will be able to overcome your fear, and you will have no problems visiting the best dentist in Parker, CO, in the event of an emergency.

Develop a Friendly Bond With Your Parker, CO Dentist

Try not to forget that dentists are just like you. Always visit a same-day dentist, Parker, CO, without feeling too shy to share more with them about your dental condition. Get to know your dentist before you start any treatment or procedures. Getting to know your dentist on a personal level will also help you reduce the level of your fear, and you will gain confidence as time goes by. At Green Dental Care, we truly care about our patients. If you are feeling uneasy about visiting the dentist, let us know. We will do everything we can to make your experience as comfortable as possible. 

You Need to Admit That You Are Fearful

You should not run away from your fear and anxiety. Instead, you should acknowledge that you are anxious, especially when it comes to matters related to dental procedures. Never feel ashamed of being yourself. The first step to overcoming your fear of the dentist is to admit that visiting a dentist will help you, not hurt you. If you’re having dental problems, you won’t be able to avoid them forever. Dr. Ben Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport, LA, says that paying regular visits to your Parker, CO dentist for checkups will ensure save you more time and money in the long run. As always said, prevention is better than cure. Visiting your dentist will help you maintain your teeth. As a result, you will confidently smile or laugh amidst a congregation of people. 

Play a Part in Your Oral Health

Always ask your dentist to educate you on the planned procedure before starting treatment. Being familiar with the process will help you understand what you are about to undergo. It is natural that people will always have a lot of fear regarding the unknown, so getting advance knowledge of your procedure will give you a degree of comfort. By being informed about the procedure, you will be able to keep your worries away, and you will be psychologically prepared for the process. 

Try Sedation Dentistry in Parker, CO

A critical goal of your Parker, CO dentist, is to ensure you are comfortable while undergoing a dental procedure. When you have presented yourself for emergency tooth extraction, for example, your dentist should comfortably handle both pain and anxiety carefully. To be offered quality and adequate care, your dentist will need to give you some sedatives. 

Sedation dentistry will help you relax during the procedure. Sedatives are known for numbing out pain, and they will help you to have less anxiety while you are being treated by your dentist. Sedation plays a vital role as it depresses your awareness of the surroundings and reduces your responsiveness to external stimuli. However, it should be administered in exactly the required quantities as underdosing or overdosing may cause discomfort during the tooth extraction procedure. The team at Green Dental Care has extensive experience in offering sedation dentistry, so you will be in safe hands.

Seek Necessary Support From Friends or Family Members

As you pay your regular visits to your 80134 dentist, always go with a family member or a friend. A familiar face will automatically make you feel at ease. Friends and family members will always accord you the much-needed support, especially when you have to undergo emergency tooth repair. These are the people you can put your trust in if case anything goes wrong. Furthermore, friends and family members will treat you with the utmost care when you are facing challenging situations. They will encourage, empathize, and sympathize with you as you undertake your dental procedures.

As you can see, dental anxiety shouldn’t stop you from getting the care you need since lots of techniques are available to address your fear. For more information on how sedation dentistry can help you get over your fear of the dentist, call Green Dental Care, and schedule an appointment.

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National brush day - Green Dental Care

Brush Right for National Brush Day

Happy National Brush Day!

November 1st is National Brush Day, which offers recognition of the humble toothbrush. It is not a coincidence that this day is recognized on the day right after Halloween. Just how can you celebrate National Brush Day? Brush your teeth the right way, and of course, schedule your checkup with your Parker, CO dentist.

Why Celebrate National Brush Day?

Halloween can be truly spooky for the health of your teeth, and the teeth of your children. With an abundance of sweets and treats, there can be a marked impact on the oral wellness of every person in the family. Sugar can lead to cavities if it is not brushed away correctly.

It is for this reason that November 1st was selected as National Brush Day to serve as a reminder of the importance of brushing teeth after every meal or sweet treat.

Brushing your teeth is an important part of your dental wellness, as your dentist in Parker, CO will remind you. When teeth are not brushed, the sticky plaque on your teeth will increase exponentially. Eventually, this will wear down the enamel of your teeth, and cavities will form.

Cavities are incredibly common in children and adults alike, which is troublesome because it means that so many are not taking good care of their teeth. According to the American Dental Association, the most effective way to keep decay at bay is to brush your teeth at least twice a day, for up to two full minutes a day. Brushing your teeth in the morning and the evening can drastically decrease your risks for cavities and advanced decay. Dr. Jordan Smith, a family dentist in Georgetown, KY, recommends brushing your teeth as soon as you wake up to help fight cavities and bad breath. 

Tips for Dental Wellness

Do you have questions about the right way to brush your teeth? When you visit our dental office in Parker, CO, our team of trained dental hygienists will give you tips on how you could be improving your oral hygiene. This is often quite helpful for children. Dr. Green, your family dentist in Parker, CO, can offer additional dental wellness tips for children of all ages.

Brush Your Teeth with the Right Toothbrush. 

Avoid using a toothbrush with hard bristles! It may sound counterintuitive, but brushing your teeth too hard can actually damage the enamel on the teeth and can also injure the gums. When you visit Green Dental Care, you can ask what type of bristles will best meet your dental wellness needs. Softer bristled brushes are generally the recommendation.

Don’t Forget to Floss! 

Brushing your teeth is absolutely essential. However, it is important not to neglect flossing. Flossing can address those areas between teeth that your toothbrush simply cannot. Our dentist 80134 patients will also offer flossing demonstrations for children and adults.

Mouthwash is Your Friend

It is important to use an alcohol-free mouth rinse to help provide an extra level of clean. Mouthwash will help to remove some of the debris remaining in your mouth. Although brushing and flossing are crucial to any oral hygiene routine, mouthwash can help get to the hard to reach areas. 

Perhaps one of the best things that you can do for your dental health is to visit the best dentist in Parker, CO, for your regular dental checkups. These should be scheduled every six months, along with your professional cleaning.

Considering Your Diet and Dental Wellness

It can be quite easy to forget that the foods and drinks you enjoy can directly impact your dental wellness. Cavities and other dental concerns can be directly impacted by teeth that aren’t brushed, and also by the types of foods that linger on your teeth and in your mouth.

Sugar-filled foods, of course, should be one of your primary concerns. You don’t need to completely exclude them from your diet, as everything enjoyed in moderation is typically fine. It is important to remember to brush thoroughly after enjoying those sugary treats. Your diet should be packed with fresh vegetables and fruits, along with healthy grains and, of course, sources of protein and calcium. It is also essential that you drink plenty of water. This will not only keep your body hydrated and healthy, but the water will help to rinse your mouth of any food debris that linger between meals.

Come See us at Green Dental Care in Parker, CO

Schedule your next professional dental cleaning and routine checkup at Green Dental Care. If you struggle with anxiety, you’ll be pleased to know that we are a sedation dentist in Parker, CO. Don’t avoid the dentist any longer! Contact Green Dental Care today to learn more about our dental services. 

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oral health tips for Halloween - Green Dental Care

Oral Health Tips for Halloween

Oral Health Tips for Halloween

Every year on October 31st, millions of kids traverse the streets in different costumes and move from door-to-door requesting their favorite candies. Some getting lollipops, chocolates, and chewy candies. Although they may be yummy, they can be detrimental to both your children’s and your dental health. But the good news is that you, as parents and guardians can seek the help of Green Dental Care so you can put in place some measures that will minimize the likelihood of your children experiencing dental problems while allowing them to enjoy the Halloween merrymaking.

Facts About Candy Companies

Annually, you will always struggle in making decisions on the best costume to put on during Halloween. There are nearly endless options to choose from. You could dress like a pirate, a cartoon, or put on false teeth for Halloween., Halloween always marks their high sale season as they are always reaping greatly from it.

Though candies are marvelous, it is always important that you eat a balanced diet to prevent health problems as recommended by the best dentist in Parker, CO. Sweets are filled with plenty of sugar, some of which remains on your teeth after consuming the candy. The sucrose in the candies offers a great environment for bacteria. Hence this may lead to dental complications. As these bacteria break down the sucrose, they produce teeth-eroding acids, which cause dental cavities and tooth decay.

The frequency at which you consume these candies will also contribute to the rate at which you may experience dental problems. Denying your child a Halloween treat may be aggravating, so you can strike a balance by allowing your child to consume some pieces and ensure they clean their mouth immediately after eating them. Dr. Beth Herko, a family dentist in New Providence, says that water will clean the remaining sugar and will help in minimizing the risk of tooth decay until the official brushing time.

Safe Dental Actions During Halloween

Yearly, families will always come together to participate in the trick-or-treat tradition. You may choose to hand out raisins and other healthy treats to reduce dental health risks. Some of these procedures can be very helpful to you and your children during the Halloween celebrations:

  • You can take honey-based candies
  • Consume pretzels, peanuts, and chocolate-covered fruits
  • Eat individually covered hard candies
  • Have with you organic and gummy candies
  • You may use natural licorice
  • Have Halloween stickers, and other types of party stickers
  • Use sugar-free chewing gum

Try to avoid giving out sour or sticky candy of any type. It would help if you cared for your neighbors’ dental health as some of the sugary candies are dangerous for dental health. Sour candies are extremely dangerous (in tooth-eroding terms) since they produce citric acid, while sticky candles provide sucrose to bacteria.

Oral Care Hints During Halloween

After tasting the sweetness in the candies, your children will probably eat all their candies till their bellies are full. That’s why, as parents or guardians, you should be able to intervene and offer guidance to your children. It is essential to follow the following oral dental care tips from your Parker, CO dentist, to ensure that your children are having their candies while maintaining their oral health:

  • Restrict your children on the rate of candy consumption. The rate at which you and your children consume the candies will increase your chances of having dental problems and tooth decays. As a parent or a guardian, you should prevent your children from snacking all day. You can give them a few candies after meals, as guided by Dr. Green.
  • Limit your child’s and your tooth brushing. As a parent or guardian, you may think that the best way to prevent dental cavities is by having yourself and your child over brush their teeth. That is not the case as continuous brushing erodes both your child’s and your teeth. After you have eaten, your tooth enamel always becomes soft and can be brushed off. Dr. Green suggests that you and your child should take a glass of water after eating candies. Brushing should be done 30 minutes after taking the glass of water. It will allow the enamel to harden so that it cannot be eroded.
  • You and your child should always avoid sour candies and sticky treats, as they may cause tooth decay and dental cavities.
  • Always go for professional dental care. Search a “dentist near me” to find the best dental services in Parker, CO. you is very crucial as it is part and parcel of proper dental care and hygiene. A dentist will always give you proper cleanings to remove dental plaques and examine your teeth in case you developed other dental issues.
  • Water should always be your go-to drink, regardless of the occasion. Whether Halloween or a birthday party, water will always be a super drink for you. Water is always treated with ingredients such as fluoride, which are responsible for hardening your enamel. Water will wash any particles in your mouth, giving you fresh breath.
  • Ensure you and your children practice oral hygiene. After your enamel has hardened, you and your children must practice oral cleanliness by flossing and brushing your teeth to ensure you all remove dental plaques.

While Halloween is full of risks to your teeth and overall health, these oral health tips for Halloween will help balance fun and health. Needless to say, schedule a visit to Green Dental Care in Parker, CO, so that any damage your teeth suffered can be addressed promptly.

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National Dental Hygiene Month

National Dental Hygiene Month

Celebrating National Dental Hygiene Month

October means that it is National Dental Hygiene Month, and we are so happy to discuss this extremely important topic! Many people often overlook dental hygiene, yet it is such a huge aspect of your overall health.

Today on the blog, our Parker, CO dentist shares the importance of dental hygiene and how to take the necessary steps to ensure your oral health is at its best.

The Connection Between Oral Health and Our Bodies

Oral health and your overall health are extremely connected. Let’s start with the basics. When you neglect to clean your mouth properly and take good care of your teeth, you can develop gingivitis. Gingivitis can lead to gum disease, and gum disease is connected to a handful of diseases.

Recent studies have shown that gum disease is linked to heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Because of this, it is extremely important to prevent gum disease by optimizing your oral health.

How to Maximize Dental Hygiene at Home

Maximizing your dental health starts with a few easy techniques. Dr. Green, the best dentist in Parker, CO, shares his tips below.

Brushing Correctly

When you brush your teeth, you should be using a brush with soft, gentle bristles. As you brush, you should make sure to get all areas of the teeth and brush for two solid minutes. Many people tend to rush through this step.

Flossing Every Day

Flossing is essential to your dental health. The buildup of food particles in your mouth can potentially lead to plague and unwanted bacterias. Though your toothbrush does a wonderful job of getting your teeth clean, it doesn’t always get the food in hard-to-reach places. Thus, it is an important step in your routine to floss at least once a day.

Rinse, rinse, rinse!

Rinsing is another step that many people skip over, but it can do wonders for your dental hygiene. We asked our neighbors over at OG Dental, Denver highlands dentist, what they recommend to their patients.  Their team recommends rinsing with an ADA approved mouthwash after you brush and floss your teeth. This will freshen your breath,  get rid of anything leftover that you may have missed, and fight against gingivitis. 

See Your Parker CO Dentist

Of course, our team also recommends getting your teeth cleaned by your dentist in Parker, CO, at least twice a year. In addition to getting your teeth cleaned, a dentist can take a detailed look into your mouth and see areas that you cannot see in the mirror. Additionally, this allows us to detect any underlying issues and get them taken care of.

National Dental Hygiene Month

Happy National Dental Hygiene, everyone! It is never too late to start to take the necessary steps to get your dental hygiene back on track. If you have any questions at all or want to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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dead tooth

What is a Dead Tooth?

Parker Dentists Answer: What is a Dead Tooth?

A dead tooth, as the name implies, is no longer living or functioning. Although bone technically isn’t alive, a healthy tooth receives a supply of blood from blood vessels within its innermost layer. Teeth are made of three layers. The first layer is the enamel, the hard outer layer. The second layer is called dentin, and finally, the pulp. The pulp is comprised of nerves and blood vessels that supply the tooth with blood and nutrients, and once this blood supply is cut off and the nerve dies, the tooth is considered dead.

Dentists in Parker, CO, also call this necrotic pulp, a non-vital tooth, or a pulpless tooth. A dead tooth, like most dental issues, can lead to more severe complications if it isn’t addressed in time. That’s why it is important to contact the best dentists in Parker, CO at Green Dental Care if you suspect you have a dead tooth. But first, how would you know you have a dead tooth among your set of pearly whites?

Symptoms of a Dead Tooth

You would think that a dead tooth would be immediately noticeable to you, but according to the cosmetic dentist in Parker, CO, that’s not always the case. Dead teeth don’t always darken in color, and you may be unable to identify one just by looking at it. However, if you experience any of the following symptoms, you may have a dead tooth:

  • Pain – Usually on a spectrum, the pain can vary from almost non-existent to extremely painful, and it is usually caused by sensitive nerve endings around the outside of the tooth, called the periodontal membrane. When bacteria and pus build up in the pulp cavity inside the tooth, they put pressure on the periodontal membrane, resulting in a lot of pain.
  • Change in color – Dead teeth often get darker in color, and this may appear as a yellow, gray, or black discoloration. The effect is similar to bruising, and the death of red blood cells causes it. The discoloration usually appears if a dead tooth goes untreated for a while and increases over time as the tooth continues to decay, and the nerve dies.
  • Infection – If the dead tooth leads to an infection, it may result in an abscess and produce other symptoms such as a constant bad taste in your mouth, bad breath, and smell.

Note that dead teeth don’t always darken in color, and pain in the jaw or teeth can also be a symptom of plenty of other oral health complications. Ultimately, the best way to catch and treat a dead tooth and other oral health complications in time is to keep up with your dentist appointments. However, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, contact an emergency dentist in Parker, CO, right away for a consultation.

Causes of a Dead Tooth

Decay is the tooth’s ultimate enemy. Many tooth pain is a direct result of a dead tooth or teeth, Parker, CO dentists explain. Tooth decay or cavities are essentially permanently damaged areas on the surface of a tooth. The decay begins at the outermost layer of a tooth, the enamel, and left untreated. It causes cavities which eat into the deeper layers of the tooth. The cavities will eventually reach the pulp, thus creating a pathway for bacteria to enter the tooth and begin the chain of reaction that leads to nerve death.

At first, the pulp will have an inflammatory response to the bacteria, the immune system’s attempt at destroying the pathogens. However, the bacteria eventually wins, and as the pressure within the pulp builds, it cuts off the blood vessels supplying blood to the pulp, starving the nerve and ultimately leading to nerve death.

Dr. Kristina Neda, a cosmetic dentist in Georgetown, KY, agrees that physical trauma can also lead to tooth death. If enough force is applied, either from a sports fall or an injury, the blood vessels within the pulp can burst, cutting off the blood supply to the nerve. A tooth can die in a matter of days or over a couple of months or years. This is how it usually plays out:

  1. A cavity eats its way into the pulp, leaving it unprotected.
  2. Bacteria enter the pulp.
  3. The pulp tries to fight off the bacteria.
  4. The resulting inflammatory response causes pain, pressure, and swelling.
  5. The blood vessel is cut off, starving the tooth nerve of oxygen and nutrients.
  6. The nerve becomes necrotic and dies, leading to tooth death.

Treatment for a Dead Tooth

Maintaining good oral hygiene and keeping up with your dentist appointments will go a long way in preventing tooth decay and cavities, a precursor to tooth death. However, if you are experiencing some of the symptoms described above, try the following tips before you see a dentist:

  • Take over the counter pain medication to relieve any pain.
  • Avoid extremely cold or hot beverages and hard foods.

Regardless of the measures above, you will have to see a dentist in Parker, CO, to have the issue addressed. Many dentists will recommend root canal therapy to save the tooth. As long as your tooth is intact, it will function normally. Alternatively, the dentist may choose to extract it. It all depends on your individual situation. Do you have a dead tooth that needs to be treated? Green Dental Care is happy to handle any dental emergency in Parker CO. Contact us today for a consultation. 

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TMJ/TMD treatment- Green Dental Care

TMJ/TMD Treatment Options

TMJ/TMD Treatment Options

If you experience tightness, pain, or clicking in your jaw, you aren’t alone. Those symptoms are characteristic of a condition known as temporomandibular disorder (TMD) and this affects lots of Americans.

However, the fact that you aren’t alone doesn’t mean you should live the rest of your life with this condition that can make it hard for you to go about your life as you would wish. At Green Dental Care in Parker CO, we have a number of treatment options that we can recommend so that you can improve the quality of your life. The following are some of those options.

Custom Night Guards

Temporomandibular joint disorder can result when you grind or clench your teeth while you sleep at night. It is virtually impossible for you to stop bruxism on your own. That is where Dr. Chris Green, the best dentist in Parker CO, comes in.

New providence, NJ dentist, Dr. Beth Herko will make a custom night guard that will protect your teeth at night while you sleep. Consequently, you will suffer limited or no TMJ pain since your teeth will grind against the customized nightguard rather than with each other. Generic night guards don’t offer the same degree of protection since they are unlikely to fit you properly.

Botox Injections

We also offer Botox as a treatment for TMD at Green Dental Care. Most people only know Botox as a treatment for tightening and smoothening skin, yet it is also great for conditions affecting muscles and joints.

When Dr. Andrei Ionescu injects this substance into your jaw muscles, they will be temporarily paralyzed and this will have the desired effect of partially or completely stopping teeth grinding and clenching.

A lot of the patients who visit our dental office for Botox as a remedy for TMJ disorders report that they begin to notice the positive effects just days after receiving the treatment.

If yours is a severe form of TMJ disorder, Dr. Chris Green may refer you to a specialist for more advanced care.

Corrective Dental Procedures

Sometimes, temporomandibular disorders are linked to existing dental defects in the patient. For example, your Parker CO dentist may discover that the TMJ pain you are suffering from can be traced to your improperly positioned teeth.

In such a case, Dr. Andrei Ionescu may recommend that you undergo orthodontic treatment using braces, for example, so that your teeth can be moved to better positions in order to allow the even distribution of bite forces.

Similarly, the uneven wear of your teeth caused by having crooked teeth can result in TMD, and getting a dental crown can restore balance to the bite surfaces of the affected teeth. Dental bridges and other replacements for missing teeth may also address TMD, so don’t hesitate to talk to Dr. Chris Green at Green Dental Care in Parker CO for an appropriate solution to your challenge.

Medications For TMJ/TMD Treatment

For some patients, medications may suffice to treat their TMJ disorders. For example, a family dentist Parker CO may prescribe stronger doses of anti-inflammatory medication to manage the swelling and pain you experience as a result of TMD. Alternatively, the dentists at Green Dental Care may recommend muscle relaxers so that your jaw muscles can relax and limit how much you clench or grind your teeth.

In some other cases, it may be necessary to prescribe anti-anxiety medication, especially when your medical and dental history reveals that your temporomandibular disorder is triggered by anxiety.

Other At-Home Recommendations to Manage TMD

It is important for you to avoid doing anything that could aggravate your TMJ disorder. At Green Dental Care, we strongly advise patients with TMD to take note of the following measures that are geared at minimizing extreme jaw movements;

  • Be conscious when chewing or yawning so that you don’t strain your jaw muscles
  • Avoid yelling or singing with your mouth wide open
  • Talk to your Parker CO dentist about massage or physical therapy to relieve muscle tension
  • Always maintain a good posture (for example, don’t hold the phone on your shoulder and keep it there using your ear as this can result in neck pain and TMD)
  • Keep teeth slightly apart as often as you can. This reduces the pressure exerted upon your jaw.

When all the conservative treatments and suggestions above don’t bring any relief, your dentist in Parker CO may recommend surgery. However, we at Green Dental Care don’t recommend surgery unless all other options have failed. We therefore think carefully about your condition and do everything that we can to resolve it without resorting to surgery. If your dentist has recommended surgery before trying anything else or exploring all available options, schedule an appointment at Green Dental Care. We will give you a second opinion and suggest how best to address the issue. Don’t let a member of your family suffer with TMD. Dr. Chris Green and Dr. Andrei Ionescu are here to lead a team of committed professionals who have the singular aim of finding a lasting remedy for you. Get in touch today!

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treatment for gum disease - Green Dental Care

Treatments for Gum Disease

Treatments For Gum Disease

Gum disease refers to gum inflammation that gradually progresses to a level where the bone and other support tissues around your teeth become affected. Gum disease is identified by three distinct stages (gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis). Research done by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) found that nearly half of all Americans aged 30 and above suffer from periodontitis. While the disease may be common, the doctors at Green Dental Care assert that the progression of this disease can be arrested at any stage. The following are some of the available treatments for gum disease.

Nonsurgical Treatment for Gum Disease

The first way to treat periodontitis involves a nonsurgical approach called scaling and root planing (SRP). A hygienist can do this conservative treatment at Green Dental Care or by either Dr. Christopher Green or Dr. Andrei Ionescu. 

The process entails scraping the surface of the teeth and the roots to remove any calculus (tartar) and plaque that has accumulated there. After scaling, the treated surfaces are smoothened so that there are no rough spots where bacteria can thrive.

Dr. Christopher Green, an experienced dentist in Parker CO, explains that more than one visit is normally needed to complete the SRP treatment. Have no worries about pain; a local anesthetic will ensure that you will hardly feel any discomfort while you are being treated.

After a few weeks, the Parker CO dentist will examine you to see how well you are healing. If everything is okay, no further treatment will be recommended. If you aren’t healing as expected, then additional SRP may be done, or another treatment option may be tried.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

After scaling and root planing, if deep gingival pockets (the gaps between the gums and the teeth) remain, another step that may be taken is to schedule pocket reduction surgery. Dr. Andrei Ionescu, a dentist in Parker CO, explains this process. The gum tissue is folded back so that the bacteria hidden behind the flap is removed. The sections of the bone damaged by bacteria are also smoothed so that your gums can reattach to your teeth again.

Gum Graft Surgery

When periodontal disease advances, it can cause gum recession that makes the roots of your teeth to be exposed. Sensitivity and other problems result from this exposure.  To fix this situation, the team at Green Dental Care may perform gum graft surgery.

Dr. Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport LA, explains that the gum tissue will be taken from elsewhere, such as from your palate, and placed on the most affected roots of your teeth. Your teeth will no longer be sensitive, and decay will be gone.

If you have severe gum disease, talk to your dentist in Parker, CO about different treatment options. We are always accepting new patients and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more!

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oral health month - Green Dental Care

Celebrating Oral Health Month

Oral Health Month with Parker, CO Dentist

In honor of Oral Health Month this June, we wanted to take the time to highlight some of Dr. Green’s oral health habits. We understand that the dental office isn’t for everyone, but we hope this interview with your favorite Parker, CO dentist motivates you to take better care of your oral health. 

Dr. Christopher Green’s Journey

Dr. Green developed a robust ethical foundation at a young age by following in the footsteps of two well-respected dentists in the Chicago area, his father, and grandfather. 

Dr. Green obtained his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Temple University School of Dentistry. There, he earned the graduating status of Magna Cum Laude. Dr. Green has always enjoyed working with his team and helping patients to regain confidence in their smile.

His Medicine Cabinet

When opening Dr. Green’s medicine cabinet, you may be surprised to find not one, but two toothbrushes. Here’s a look at Dr. Green’s medicine cabinet:

  • Sonicare Toothbrush
  • Soft Bristle Manual Toothbrush
  • Glide Floss
  • Alcohol-Free Listerine 

Dr. Green is very particular about maintaining good oral health. His friend Dr. Beth Herko, a general dentist in New Providence, NJ, also loves her Sonicare toothbrush. Out of all these products and tools, what do you think is his absolute favorite? Yep, you guessed it – floss! Like many dental professionals, Dr. Green believes that flossing is an essential part of any oral health care regimen. 

Oral Health Advice to Patients

Did you know that gum disease and cavities are 100% preventable? When we asked Dr. Green his number one advice he could give a patient about their oral health, he said that you could follow these simple steps to avoid cavities: 

  1. Watch sugar intake 
  2. Brush immediately after surgery, meal, or beverage
  3. Brush & Floss Daily

Common Myths About Oral Health

At Green Dental Care, Dr. Green and Dr. Andrei Ionescu sometimes get questions and concerns about oral health myths. One common myth patients believe is that WaterPiks replace flossing. This is not true! WaterPiks should be used in addition to flossing. Don’t forget this essential part of your oral health routine!

In need of dental services or have questions about your oral health? Contact Green Dental Care today! Our professionals are here to help. 

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regular visits can save you money

Regular Visits Can Save You Money

A lot goes on during a regular dental visit beyond poking around inside your mouth and delivering the bad news that your brushing and flossing techniques don’t cut it. The truth is, regular visits to your dentist in Parker CO can not only save you money, but they can also literally save your life! Here are some of the key ways in which regular visits to Green Dental Care can save you money.

Catching Problems Early

Routine dental visits to your Parker CO dentist normally have two main parts. First is the dental cleaning usually performed by a dental hygienist. Second, is a dental exam by the best dentist in Parker CO.

During each of those activities, there is more than ample opportunity to spot any anomaly, such as a cavity or crack. This gives our doctors a chance to spot if before it becomes a major problem. When these defects are treated promptly, the cost you incur is much less than what you would have incurred if you had skipped the routine visit. The contrary would be waiting to visit Green Dental Care when you have a dental health problem that is keeping you awake, which could cost more as an emergency service.

In this regard, regular visits to can save you money in the long run. It could eliminate the need to undergo complicated and costly procedures if every emerging problem is consistently nipped in the bud.

Receiving Customized Dental Health Advice

Regular dental visits also make it possible for you to get dental health advice that is tailored to meet your specific needs. For example, if the hygienist notices a particular arch has a lot more plaque and tartar than other parts of your mouth, he or she will recommend the best way to tweak your flossing and brushing technique in order to address the problem area.

Similarly, the best dentist in Parker CO may also recommend dietary changes. This would be to suit the new threats that your dental health faces in the light of any medication you are currently taking. For example, you may be on medication that causes dry mouth. 

As you may know, dry mouth increases your risk for gum disease and other dental health problems. Our dentists could recommend that you chew sugar-free gum or chewy vegetables to boost saliva production. Such advice can save you money because you will be in a position to prevent dental health challenges.

Professional Cleanings Safeguard You from Gum Infections

As already mentioned, dental cleanings are an integral part of your routine visit. Plaque (a bacterial film) is constantly building up on the teeth. Despite your best efforts at oral hygiene, some of this plaque eventually hardens into calculus (tartar).

Tartar results in the destruction of your teeth and bone beneath the gum line. By having your teeth cleaned by a professional, all that tartar and plaque is removed before it can cause harm. Needless to say, this early intervention stops major problems in their tracks. You will save the money that would have been spent to treat those problems down the road.

Dispelling Potentially Harmful Misinformation and Myths

Dr. O’Grady, a Denver Highlands Dentist, points out that the advent of the internet has been a blessing and a curse at the same time. A blessing in the sense that you can get great information on almost any topic under the sun. It is a curse in the sense that some of the information online is false and potentially dangerous.

For example, many people have been taking up DIY toothpastes. These can be made from a variety of ingredients, such as charcoal, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar. However, our dentists will tell you that ACV (apple cider vinegar), charcoal and baking soda pose a huge risk to your enamel. The prolonged use of those substances could result in teeth sensitivity due to eroded enamel.

Without those regular visits, you can easily fall for all the hype. Years later, you’ll learn that all your costly dental problems could have been avoided. When you see your Parker CO dentist regularly, you are likely to bring up anything you have heard or read. Then, he will give you a considered opinion on the usefulness of that information you got online. This can save you lots of money that would have gone to fixing the damage caused by implementing some of the advice picked from non-professionals. For instance, the cost of a routine dental visit pales in comparison to the cost of dental implants needed to replace teeth lost to overly abrasive DIY toothpastes.

As you can see, one of the best decisions that you can make for your dental health is to make regular visits to Green Dental Care. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you will also maintain your pearly whites for a lifetime. Give us a call today!

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