“Reducing Dental Anxiety” Before A Big Procedure

Reducing Dental Anxiety Before A Big Procedure

“Reducing Dental Anxiety” Before A Big Procedure

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Reducing Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a common phenomenon that affects up to 75% of adults worldwide. It is an irrational fear that can make going to the dentist a stressful experience, especially when you know a big procedure is coming up. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce this anxiety and make your dental visit a more pleasant one. In this blog post, we will explore some tips and techniques that dentists in Parker, Colorado, use to help reduce dental anxiety before a big procedure.

Establish Trust

One of the most effective ways to reduce dental anxiety is to establish trust with your dental healthcare provider. Your dentist is there to help you, and by building a solid working relationship with them, you can overcome your fears of the dental chair. Take time to speak with your dentist and share any concerns or worries you may have. Most dentists have a wealth of experience in dealing with anxious patients, and they can offer advice on how to manage your anxiety before your procedure.

Learn Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and visualization are well-known methods of decreasing anxiety before a dental procedure. If you are unfamiliar with these techniques, ask your dentist in Parker, Colorado, to guide you through a brief exercise. Your dentist can also recommend relaxation techniques that are most effective for you.

Consider Sedation Dentistry

For patients with severe dental anxiety, sedation dentistry may be the best option. Sedation dentistry involves the use of sedatives to help patients relax during their dental procedures. At Green Dental Care, we offer different types of sedation dentistry, including oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation. Your dentist can recommend the type of sedation that is most appropriate for your needs.

Distract Yourself

Music, audiobooks, and movies are excellent ways to distract yourself from dental anxiety during a big procedure. Most dentists in Parker, Colorado, have a TV or music system in their treatment rooms so that you can enjoy your favorite entertainment and forget about the dental procedures being performed. If there is a particular book, movie or music playlist that helps you relax, bring it along on the day of your procedure.

Schedule a Consultation

Before your procedure, schedule a consultation with your dentist. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions about the procedure and understand what to expect. You can also discuss your concerns and develop a plan together to manage your anxiety. By taking the time to understand the process fully, you can relieve some of the fears that may be weighing on your mind.

Dental anxiety is a common phenomenon that can make going to the dentist very difficult, especially when it comes to big procedures. But it does not have to be. By working with your dentist in Parker, Colorado, and adopting techniques such as relaxation and distraction, you’ll be better equip in reducing dental anxiety before you get into the chair for a big procedure. If you are ready to tackle dental anxiety head-on, then contact Green Dental Care today to make an appointment with our team of experienced dental healthcare providers.

Dental Sedation FAQ

sedation dentistry faq

Dental Sedation FAQ

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Our Parker CO dentist will give you a sedative before your operation. You’ll start to feel completely relaxed and tranquil, and you might even fall asleep. You will be aware and able to participate in most types of sedation, but you will not be scared or nervous. You may simply sleep through the surgery with some type of medication. Today on the blog, our Parker CO dental office discusses the most frequently asked dental sedation questions. Check out our Dental Sedation FAQ below.

What is the process of dental sedation?

Sedation dentistry employs nitrous oxide, anti-anxiety medications, and IV therapy.

Is sedation dentistry a safe procedure?

Dental sedation is extremely safe when performed by a properly qualified dentist in the correct setting. Our sedation dentist Parker CO uses only the safest sleep dentistry techniques and keeps a close eye on your health.

Is dental sedation covered by insurance?

Sedation is covered by some dental insurance policies, notably for patients who have dental anxiety or for youngsters. However, not all insurance companies pay it because it is considered a luxury or elective treatment. Depending on your situation, your health insurance may possibly cover sedation.

How much does sedation dentistry cost in Parker, CO?

The cost depends on a number of things, including the type of sedation you require, the treatment you are having, your insurance, and your own personal requirements. During your consultation, our dentist will explain your alternatives as well as their prospective costs.

What types of procedures may a sleep dentist perform?

Almost every dental procedure might cause worry if you have dental anxiety. Restorations, root canal therapy, extractions, and dental veneers are just a few of the treatment options available from our pain-free dentist.

Is sedation dentistry in Parker CO right for me?

Only a sleep dentist can tell you if you’re a good candidate. We connected with our friends at 4th St. Family Dentistry, Dentist in St. Petersburg, about the requirements. Below, we list common guidelines to follow:

  • Dental phobia or anxiety
  • Gagging reflex that is overly sensitive
  • Treatment that is either complex or invasive is required.
  • Due to a mental or physical handicap, the patient is unable to remain still throughout treatment.

What if I have additional medical issues?

Sleep dentistry is safe, but you must inform us of any recent or continuing health problems, as well as any prescription or over-the-counter medications you are using. You’ll be asked to fill out a health history form, which will include any changes in your health since your last visit.

Is it possible for me to drive myself to and from my sedated dentist appointment?

It depends on the sedative you’re using. You may feel drowsy for a while after receiving oral or IV sedation, and you will need someone to drive you home.

Is it possible for me to fall asleep during the procedure? Will I be able to recall anything?

That is debatable. You may recall your treatment if you were given oral or inhalation sedation. With IV sedation, you will have little or no recall of the surgery when you wake up.

Is there a risk of dental sedation having any negative effects?

You’ll probably feel drowsy. The medicine can stay in your system for up to 24 hours after you leave the appointment, impairing your coordination and cognition. Our sleep dentist Parker CO will explain all of the benefits and drawbacks so that you can make the best option for you.

Is sedation dentistry available at every dentist?

Nitrous oxide, the lightest kind of sedation, is available from many dentists. In some situations, moderate sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia necessitate further training and certification, and not all dentists are qualified to provide these services.

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